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Summer Ball Sign Up

posted Mar 22, 2013, 1:30 PM by Roseland Nebraska
It is time to sign up for summer ball! Here is the sign up information for area teams:

Area Little League: Any area boys ages 11 and up interested in playing Little League
Baseball please call or text Dale Journey at 308-627-2750 or call 402-756-6255. 
Cannot be 14 prior to January 1st.

Roseland Girls 10 and Under Softball: Please call or text Amie Ehrman at 402-469-8767 or call home phone at 756-6606.

Roseland Girls 12 and Under Softball: Any girl interested in playing 12 & under softball, please text Amie at 402-469-8767 or Kristi at 402-469-3014.

Roseland 9 and 10 Baseball: Boys and girls interested in playing baseball ages 9 and 10 please contact Eric Parr at or 402-756-6285 or cell 402-469-8597.

Roseland 5-8 Baseball: Boys ages 5 through 8 please contact Jeremy Hemberger at or 402-469-0303.