We are packing and moving Roseland’s memories, and we need your help!

The Roseland Community Club is excited to announce that the Village of Roseland has received a $375,000 Civic and Community Center Financing Fund matching grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. We are packing everything in the town hall this summer, and we plan to take the existing building down this year so we can begin construction on a new Community Center on Main Street.

Because of everyone’s support in our past fundraising efforts, we have secured most of the funds we need to match this grant. We are now on our final drive to raise enough money to completely match the grant funds that we have been awarded. We are applying for the Community Development Assistance Act, which enables the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to distribute a 40% state tax credit to businesses or individuals who make contributions to the Community Center project.

After making an eligible contribution to an approved community betterment project, the business or individual must complete and submit proof of contribution to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. The tax credit must be claimed on the tax return for the year when the contribution is made. Any tax credit balance can be carried over and applied against the tax liability for the next five years immediately succeeding the tax year where the credit was first properly claimed and allowed. Please see the chart below for some examples of the tax benefits available to donors.

We need your pledges to apply for this program! Once we are accepted we will contact you with how you can make your donation. Sign up on the Roseland Community Center Donor Pledge Form at bit.ly/roselandcommunitycenter. You will be notified when our project is approved and your donation can then be made. Make your pledge today! All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) collected in this form will remain confidential.

For more information on how you can pledge, contact any Roseland Community Club member. For more information on the CDAA program, visit the NDED informational website at https://opportunity.nebraska.gov/program/community-development-assistance-act/

We will have a designated place in the new building for all of Roseland’s historical trophies and awards. As we pack, we are digitizing images of the trophies and awards and compiling them into a virtual trophy case. These images can be viewed and downloaded at the Roseland Virtual Trophy Case link here: bit.ly/roselandvirtualtrophycase

Roseland Community Club: Alan Bonifas, Kim Bonifas, Kaitlyn Hemberger, Leslie Kober, Brenda Monroe, Cleo Mousel, Lora Mousel, Corissa Parr, Lindsay Shaw, Maggie Sommer, John Trausch